I am…

Not Afraid

 I am only a perception that has been built upon a creation of who you think I should be.  Do not let your idea of who I am cloud your vision to a point of blindness.  Do not judge me based on your beliefs.  I have grown accustom to your displeasure with my choices and ideas. I will not apologize for what you believe to be a lack of judgement.  You know nothing about the encounters and experiences that created my view of the world. I do not want approval for my actions or thoughts.  I want acceptance of my ideas and dreams.  Do not hold too tight to your perception of who I was, or  you will never know who I become.

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Consequences Will Follow The Chaos You Created

When the storm finally dies down, you look back at the chaos left and wonder if you will ever be able to make sense of it.  In the midst of the insanity your questions and concerns were constantly ignored.  You were not worth the breath required to respond.  The lack of human compassion and an unwillingness to see past the ignorance that blinds them, has left you searching for the strength needed to pick up the pieces crushed in their obliviousness.

You have tried to stop their idiocy for a year, shocked that their philistine way of thinking is unbreakable.  You have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to force the answers you seek from them.  The complaint you must file forces them to make a choice.  Answer for their actions legally, or keep their heads in the sand with the false sense of security that you are vacuous, with the brain function of a slug.  Consequences will always follow the choice.


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