Cannot Take it With You

If you made a call to them letting them know you are about to be homeless would they know what to say?  Do they understand that explaining the mistakes you made fifteen years ago has nothing to do with what is about to happen in the next forty-eight hours?

Have they ever felt that dread of not knowing where they will be the next week?  You know they have not.  They cannot look at you without putting a monetary amount on you. They will never look at you any other way.  The weight lifted once you knew you did not care what they thought.  Would they approve of this or that, who really cares.  Sign in blood and they need something for their time and effort.

You feel sorry for them. Can they see what has slipped away? Their actions say yes, and they are good with it.  A sign we all saw in the past: HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS….You wonder if they remember the man who put that sign up..The difference was he knew the meaning of the other sign…YOU CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YOU…

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