Learning To Survive

As my dreams faded into nothing I felt the adrenaline start to rush in as I jumped up ready to run. The room was quiet and I could hear the sounds of my family sleeping quietly next to me. I relaxed slightly and thought about the events of the past 24 hours.  It had ended with the front desk manager waiving the fee and requirement to have a credit card on file.  They did say my best friend could come in and put her card on.  When I said she lived in Colorado, not a problem just have her fax fifty different statements, copies, signatures, and the right to her unborn child and you are good to go. I do not know if he stopped the circle of “I might want to charge something to my room” when my son walked up or not.  Either way I do appreciate him taking the chance I might be telling the truth.

We spent three nights at The Double Tree.  A move to a different room because the heat did not work got us free internet for our stay. The internet is a necessary luxury to have when you have no one on the outside that has your back.  Everything that we owned and needed to sell was tied up with someone that was becoming crazier each hour.  We did manage to have two car loads of things at the end of the three days.  I do not think anyone understands the “check in” and “check out” problem we were going to face during our little adventure.

I was starting to become a little more familiar with ways to book a hotel room online with no credit card.  Hotwire is now on my task bar permanently.  They take pay pal.  I cannot find anything to beat their lowest rate.  Of course nothing is free in life so you have to roll the dice sometimes and hope you are right.  I know Scottsdale pretty well, so when Hotwire offered rooms for 29 in North Scottsdale, I thought I would take a chance we probably would not catch VD from the room.  I did get to find out what happens when you say that scary word “homeless” to a stuck up front desk clerk in Fountain Hills, AZ….

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