She is “Homeless”…

When Hotwire showed me the name after I paid for the room I was surprised.  Fountain Hills is a very nice town northeast of Scottsdale.  It was not down the street so we had to figure out the best way to fix the two car load problem.  We loaded up the car with load 1 and I took my son and the dogs to Fountain Hills.  My husband stayed on the patio outside the first hotel room with the 2nd car load.  When I drove away I did wonder if anyone in my family really understood the time difference between check in and check out.  It is about four hours.

After losing my GPS signal and driving in circles for about 30 minutes I found our next landing. Twenty years had built the area up, but it was very much as I remember it.  Coming around a corner I saw The Fountain in the middle of the man-made lake shooting water into the sky.  My son asked if we could go see it.  I told him as soon as we got settled for the night.

I walked through the doors and up to the front desk.  I was greeted with a generic hello.  I go through the… what is your name, etc.  The credit card question pops up.  I explain to this lovely woman that I do not have a credit card.  Then I think I said the word that locked in the way we were treated from there on….  Homeless…

“No, she is HOMELESS….No, she is a female..”  she whispers loudly into the phone to her boss. The disgust she felt came through clearly.  The thought of what might have happened if I had been a man, or black crossed my mind when she said that.  Hanging up she says it will be 100 cash if you do not have a credit card.  The options I was given before her phone call were gone.  Knowing that cash may be a requirement to check in we now had some set aside. However, this place was three times as much as the Hilton property and even though I was close to that, she would not budge.  I told her we would be back and went to my car.

My son was sitting there surrounded with our 1st load.  His dogs were jumping and licking his face making him laugh.  I could feel my heart break a little more.  We had so much to do before he could just watch some TV that night with his two best friends.  I got in, letting tears of complete frustration flow out of my eyes.  He patted my shoulder and said..don’t be upset momma, it will be Okay.  Looking at him knowing nothing about this was okay, I smiled and said… let’s go get Daddy and some McDonald’s.

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