Thank You McDonalds…

The hotel in Fountain Hills went well past having bad customer service, they were completely disrespectful.  I still cringe thinking about how she said “homeless”.  However, it was the stigma attached to us after, which made me stop using that word.

We had contact with four people there, including the general manager, Bob. One of them was pleasant and felt horrible that we did not have a good experience with the front desk staff. She even asked if there was anything she could do.  It is interesting that her name was not Bob. Up until then, we were starting to think everyone there was unfriendly and incompetent.

Fifteen years of management experience on the Las Vegas Strip taught my husband how a guest should be treated in a hotel. Two weeks of lessons from the street has taught me how a human being should be treated, period.  It does not cost anything to smile at someone, or let them have a parking spot.  It cost the manager of the McDonald’s we have come to love, nothing to make my son smile and say, “he is a really nice guy.” There was no free food and no special VIP treatment.  We were on the receiving end of someone that wanted to know what they could do for us.  He even thanked us for letting him serve us the chocolate shake we ordered.

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