Deflection to Reflection

So much in life is taken for granted.  If you can take a breath and a step you are already ahead of many.  If you live in a county like the United States, even in an economic downturn with morality flying out the window, be thankful.  There are people  trying every second to get into this country who would trade places with your shit life in a second. There is someone out there who has it worse off than you do.  That being said, your shit life is still yours to deal with.  You are going through it and there is no one else that can fully understand.

I believe the more shit you go through the more empathy you have for others.  We were walking out of Wal-Mart a few weeks ago when this “kid” (I do not know when I became old enough to call a mid 20-year-old a kid) walked up to us.  Pointing to a car, he explained that he and his girlfriend were trying to rent a hotel room.  They had nowhere to go, and it was getting colder.  I watched as my husband talked to the kid.  After about a minute he made eye contact with me, and I just smiled.  He reached into his pocket pulling out the last twenty we had and handed it to him.  We had food, a roof for the night, and gas in the car, and at that moment we did not need anything else.

The kid could have been full of shit. We might have been his millionth mark.  Maybe he took it, and went straight their dealers house, I do not know.  Their shit was their’s and they were dealing with it the best way they knew how.  He could have put a gun in our face, or anyone else’s to get what he needed.  Personally, I think it takes some balls to walk up to strangers at midnight asking if they have any change.  I would not have wanted my husband to handle it any other way.

If King Punk had the kid’s phone number he would have warned him months ago not to talk to us.  He knows we need someone to help our son run some Heroin out of Afghanistan and Coke out of Columbia.  The human trafficking business we run has slowed a bit, so we are short-handed. Which when you are competing with the Mexican Cartel for the Meth trade in the US, things can get a little sketchy without the proper help.

I was about to post this, and I thought I better put a disclaimer about that last paragraph. It is not true.  My family would actually print it and take it to the police thinking “off to prison they go”.  After the theft and publishing of our personal journals and documents it would not surprise me in the least.  When you frantically deflect because you do not want to deal with your own shit life, the mirror I hold up is going to start reflect back… Wear your sunglasses…

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