This blog has gone through few revisions since it’s 2012 conception as a place for me to vent about the struggles I was going through.  The last post prior to this one was in April of 2014 when I wrote about my uncle’s October 2013 suicide, and for whatever reason that was the last thing I needed to write about, until now.

I wrote things years ago having no idea of how much the words would connect and resonate with me today.  I always thought that what I went through had changed who I was, that how I think now is different than before, but nothing changed.  I have always felt the way I do and known the things I know,  I am just waking up from the illusion of a reality where Donald Trump is the POTUS.

After going through an experience where the family you were born into decides to not have your back on a whim in December 2012 you might believe the Mayan’s had it right with the end of the world prophesy.  Because when your world for the last 40 years is the family you were born into and then it is suddenly gone based on some bullshit lie they believe, that world has been blown to smithereens.

So now here I am writing again, in my new world that is being built by God and the messages he sends. Considering the conversational topic it should be an interesting time in my life, but I have no doubt who has my back now…. 🙂

Love and Truth to All