Is Bible God a Putz?

Does duality really exist beyond this reality? Is the soul destined to spend eternity in one of only two places; Heaven or Hell? Heaven, where the streets are paved in gold, where angels are frolicking around and the lights are always on…Or Hell, where it’s dark except for the flashes of fire illuminating the souls being tormented by demons throwing brimstone at them. 

I’m sorry but the god that created that much of limited existence to ALL THAT IS is boring and somewhat of a bully.  It also seems as if the man made Bible God, the supposed head honcho of all, has a inferiority complex. Apparently he cannot exist unless he can suck up the energy from the souls he demands warship from.  

Requiring mankind to bow down to him or be sent to Mr Evil’s abode for eternity is null and voiding the concept of free will. People follow the “rules” written by MAN in the bible because they fear an eternity in hell.  

Christian denominations argue the proper way to be saved, baptized, when to eat fish, and what day to warship. Some argue that the Book of Mormon cannot possibly from God because Revelation promises an eternity worse than hell if anyone takes from or adds to his word. 

However there is a problem for the Christian with that argument: Dutaromny.  The old testament threatened the same thing, and I have yet to find a Christian that can explain that other than saying something to the effect that there are some things we aren’t to know. Which again goes back to Bible God’s inferiority complex. 

The universe has its mysteries that are unknown to mankind, but it doesn’t demand blind faith in anything. It allows wonder and exploration of all that is without the threat of eternal dammation for following the wrong man made rule. Bible God insists souls gather in one place, follow pointless rituals and suffer ridicule and guilt for questioning anything he supposedly said, all while hidding behind the bullshit concept of there are things we aren’t to know. 

I do not understand why so many choose to blindly follow such a limited non creative putz who was created by men to control other men. The Universe, Source, The Real God Head Honcho Prime Creator of all requires nothing from his children, and does not judge what we do with our existence. We are part of All That Is; we were divine at the beginning and nothing we do in this life or any other will change that.

Coffee Talk Between God and Jesus

Sitting down with a white chocolate mocha (extra shot) he could hear the whispers and feel the eyes following him….

“Jesus, son, what is it with all the looks?  You would think no one has ever seen me, even though I am everywhere, including in all of them.”

“I don’t know Dad, maybe it’s the coffee you are drinking.  I am pretty sure that is against one or two of the man made rules in 10 or 20 of the religions that have been created in the past 2000 years.”

“I guess it is a good thing I thought it better to meet you for coffee at Starbucks instead of the Golden Eagle Bar for happy hour, although it would be fun to turn all the water into Jägermeister.”

“Ha ha ha, you’re funny Dad. I am not sure why so many think you are always so serious and that you don’t have a sense of humor.  I mean they were all created from you, by you, so it goes to follow that they are you and they can be pretty comical at times.”

“So tell me son, how did mankind take your simple message of love and truth and turn it into this shit show?  The hypocrisy in the religions that have been created in my name could not be more evident, and yet they follow it like drones who are not capable of having an individual thought.  Why would I care if the Sabbath is on Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday? When or how a member of the human race dunks an other’s head in water is really of no importance, other than maybe the fact the one being dunked ends up with clean hair.  Ha ha, I could go on and on with that, but you know what I mean”

“And I do understand that your brother is running around creating chaos that is causing frustration and pain for mankind but he hasn’t broken the law of free will.  Actually,  he seems to have taken the idea of  “the devil is in the details” and used it to his advantage as no one seems to pay attention to what they are agreeing to anymore, and I can’t fault him for that.  So many are mindlessly searching for validation and recognition on social media, while being bombarded with ads that ultimately make them feel a lack for what they think they need and don’t have. What I don’t understand is that it is just as easy to go outside and spend some mindless time with me.  The stars above their heads, the earth at their feet, the animals by their sides are my ‘details’, and nothing is lacking or hidden for those who walk in love and seek the truth.”

“I am not sure how many of them can handle the truth Dad.  Maybe we should just thin out the veil a little bit at time as most are are so sound asleep dropping it all at once would cause a mass freak out, that is unless we actually did turn all the water into Jägermeister . Ha ha, see Dad, the apple does not fall far from the tree”

“Nope Jesus, it sure doesn’t, see you tonight at the Eagle, first round’s on me. :)”